I have been living with dogs all my life. At my parents home we always had atleast 2 dog at a time. My special favourites were Laika-mixes Terri and Demi. As I got older and moved out, it came pretty clear that I am not very happy without dogs and after thinking for a long time we decided to get a whippet. Our first whippet Shelby came from a Lithunian kennel Absoliuti Idile. Soon we realised that two whippets is better than one and all went well with the breeder, we got our next whippet Lotte from the same breeders next litter. We started attending shows more and more and we usually succeeded. It was pretty obvious I want to grow more and achieve more so I started breeders classes. I passed with flying colours and got my certificate, after which I applied for my own kennel name Absidian (FCI 15/2019)
Tänaseks päevaks on minu kasvandike hulgas palju välimikutšempione ja edukaid maastikujooksjaid, sealhulgas Maastikujooksu MM kolmanda koha võitja.